Dear Parents,
I loved showing the children the bird nest from my yard and playing the two different Cuckoos for them. They will probably recognize when Cuckoo comes on the recording this week.
Here is a recording from 1994 when Kelsey, a 6 year old student of mine at the time who is now in college, traveled with me to Japan to study, homestay with a Japanese family, and perform Cuckoo and Chant Arabe from Book 1 in the 10 Piano Concert:

Here is a link to the second recording of another piece entitled “Cuckoo”. This piece is in Suzuki Piano Book 6. You can hear the Cuckoo theme in the left hand. It is performed by Lauren Schommer, a former student, at the Atlanta Area Suzuki Piano Associations Graduation Concert in 2005.

On the lessons:
The Listening: Identify which Twinkle is playing (A, B, C, D-Theme) on the recording as you are listening.

The Bow:
Please work on balance at the end of the bow. They may be bowing too fast or going too low. It takes daily attention.

The Ready:
All of the students ready positions were so much better this week! They can really do ready position well now especially with a little help. By practicing it many times they will be able to have good body balance and concentration immediately upon sitting at the piano without any tension, and without any help.

Twinkle: The Twinkle A rhythm on thumb is coming along. It is good to do only a few of these each day.

Finger Numbers: Please practice finger numbers in different ways. It is good to practice knowing the finger numbers by touch and not only by looking at the finger. So, have them close their eyes and say the finger number that you touch. When they can feel the specific finger on the note they are getting ready on they will not have to try to look down or hold the other fingers in a stiff way to see which finger is on the key.

Keyboard recognition: Have them find all the do’s and the so’s. It is good to do this standing up. If they like to play the notes while singing Do a deer this would also be good.

Main point: Practice and affirm what they can do.

This is nurturing with love.