The Program


“Where Love is deep, much can be accomplished.”
Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

  • Beginning Twinkle group for ages 5 and under. In this group activities such as singing and rhythm are combined with short individual lessons. This group will be 2 -4 students.
  • Individualized lessons with parent participation for ┬ástudents ages 5 and up.
  • Ongoing observation of another student’s lesson that is scheduled next to your child’s lesson. This extends your child’s learning time in the studio and creates an open atmosphere. Your child will greatly benefit and enjoy this.
  • Group classes for reading, theory, improvisation, ensemble, performance skills and friendship
  • Various kinds of performance opportunities including recitals, graduation concerts, Friendship Concerts, multi-piano concerts, ensemble, Christmas Party and performances at Senior Care facilities
  • Daily home practice and listening

How to Begin

  • The first step to being in the program is to come to the studio, meet with the teacher and then observe lessons over the period of approximately one month.
  • Buy the Suzuki Book 1 disc and begin listening every day. This is the most important part of your child being ready for lessons!
  • Get ready to begin with the best piano you can provide. Have the piano tuned and serviced.
  • Obtain an adjustable chair and footstool so that your child can have a natural position at the piano