Dear Parents,
I continue to be amazed at how much learning is going on. So much more than meets the eye of an adult. Watching the video is very informative.

The bows were so much better this week. I noticed that just doing the good bow made the students more serious about learning.

The ready positions are improving as well. It is good to continue taking pictures of the ready position and letting your child see their good posture.

I hope the boys enjoyed the little pumpkins and that they will remember the lesson this way.
It is very good to teach the children to give small gifts. It teaches respect and caring, and the gift of giving.

“What does not exist in the environment will not develop in the child. By no means only words or music, but everything, good or bad, is absorbed by the child.” Dr. Suzuki

On the schedule:
They are all doing great. Because of this the lessons are getting longer and it is just too long to be in the environment now that the time is extended. Therefore, from this week forward the individual lessons will be divided into 2 groups. One group will go before the class time, and the other group will go after the class time. This will allow us to have the solfege singing, rhythm and other activities all together, but have a smaller group for the individual lessons.

On the environment:

With the new schedule it is really important that the students know exactly what to expect. We need to continue to provide the structure in the environment for the students. This includes keeping the same format of coming in quietly, taking off shoes and placing them neatly on the shoe stand, washing their hands. sitting quietly, etc. This care creates awareness and importance. The knowledge of what is happening and what to do creates confidence and calmness. With this structure in the environment, the students can concentrate and learn fully.

On the Class Time: Please sing solfege at home with the recording so that the children are becoming more and more familiar with the notes. You can do this casually as the recording is playing. It is fine if you only know some of the solfege. Little by little it will become easy. If you sing this way with the recording it encourages the children to try to sing even if they don’t know all of the solfege. It is fine if they do not sing. They will join in when they are ready.

On the Lesson:
Do finger numbers at the beginning of the practice. Begin with knowing finger # 1 and finger #5. Next Add finger # 2. When this is clear, focus in on finger #4. This is necessary to play Twinkle as it is the next finger they have to get ready on after the thumb.

Please have them get ready on each note of the twinkle before they play. Please have them wait for “go” . Especially give attention to finding ready on the note “So” with finger #4. Once the ready position on finger #4 is good, the other fingers are easy. Have them listen for short sounds.

The main point this week: Please work with your child at home in basically the same way you observe me working with them in the lesson. It is good for you to observe what is particularly successful in working with your child and also what is not. Every child responds according to their own sensibility. Being able to watch your child in the learning situation as the observer is such a critical part of being able to help them.

Thanks so much for your dedication to your child’s progress and your attention to the lessons.
Leah Brammer