Learning Guidelines

Performing together

The Lesson Environment

• Wellness: Please bring children to lessons rested, well and not hurried. Students who arrive sick will not be given a lesson.

• Promptness: Parents should be arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time, and plan to be in the studio at least 30 minutes beyond the scheduled ending time.

• Concentration: The studio is a no cell phone no texting zone. Please turn off ringers and put your phone away. Please give your full attention to your child and the lesson.

• Organization: Parents should take notes at every lesson. It is best to have a separate copy of the score for this purpose. Parents are encouraged to record lessons on their devices or bring a micro-chip to use on the studio recorder. However, using the computer for notes is not a good idea as it creates unnecessary noise.

• Observation: Please bring only books and coloring materials for children to use during the observation time. Please do not bring toys or electronic devices such as ipads. These are highly distracting for the other children.

• Completion: The actual length of a lesson will vary according to concentration and readiness. Students who are well prepared may have longer lessons. Students who are late will not be given extra time.

• Reinforcement: Review the major points of the lesson after leaving with your child.. Watch video clips taken at the lesson. Make a lesson plan from your notes that includes main points and goals. Use your copy of the score for details and spots.

2017 Group class game day

The Whole Learning Environment

• Group lessons for students in Books 1-4 are scheduled on Monday afternoon. Parents are expected to attend and help at some of the classes. Older students group is scheduled on Saturday morning.

• Recitals: Students and parents are expected to attend all recitals. Students who are prepared will be invited to perform.

• Concert Attendance: Parents are encouraged to take their children to quality concerts in order to provide the best environment for progress and motivation.

The Home Environment

• Daily listening as background in the home life and car time. The recording should be playing as many hours a day as possible with quality listening equipment.

• Daily Practice with parental help and support. Book 1 students need to practice at least 30 minutes daily. Book 2 and up students are expected to practice at least one hour daily.

• A quality in tune piano, bench and footstool, and other equipment as necessary such as pedal extenders, books, and theory supplies.

• Regularly check the Core Suzuki Studio website for updates, blogposts, and performance videos to watch with your child.

“Where love is deep, much can be accomplished.” Dr. Suzuki