Dear Parents,
Thank-you for taking the time to come to the parent meeting. I hope that the discussion of the terms “mother tongue method”, “Natural learning” , and “Ability Development” in regards to your questions was useful so that you can refer often to these in your thinking about education and environment for your children. The discussions about the class environment were useful too and I hope that you are feeling comfortable in the class and also in how to work with your child.

I am very happy that the boys are so eager to come to the piano and all are doing their very best.
They really just need time to really absorb the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual skill of “ready”. Physically this means arms above the keyboard with thumb on the note “do” and the other fingers relaxed but not touching the keys. I think all of the students can be more above the keyboard and you can observe my helping them with this on the lesson video. Once they can do this playing the piano will be infinitely easier with a much better tone/sound. So, if you can have them get ready 5 or so times during practice (each time counting to 5 or another number) that would be great. When you look at the video you will notice how each time I had them get ready the position improved. Then with some of the lessons there is the point where the ready was not as good. That is because I asked too much. So, it is good to know that “too much is the same as not enough”. This is the kind of research we have to do as parents and teachers.

The seeds are planted. We can cultivate with care. Remember the old adage of the farmer who was so eager to assist his crops that he went out at night and tugged on the new shoots.
Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is the same thing with faith that ability is accumulating.

The following video would be great for the students to watch as they can really see hands over the keys, and a beautiful sound. He is performing the first movement of the Concerto #20 by Mozart.  Zak studied Suzuki Piano from an early age.  He is a senior in high school in this recording:

At the parent meeting we discussed playing a Mozart Concerto for your children as recommended by Dr. Suzuki to develop an aural understanding of the language of music:
Below is a link to Amazon for the recording of the concerto Zak played, performed by the great pianist Frederick Gulda.
you all are doing a great job,
all the best,
Leah Brammer