Dear Parents,
The students can play many pieces now. We are balancing learning new repertoire with developing skills and habits. Please keep the focus on the most important points to continue to progress and develop ability:

1. Life Ability-Spend as much time on the ready position as possible in every practice. This will develop awareness and intention.
2. Natural/Whole Learning-Listen to the disc as much as possible in every 24 hour period. Continue to encourage free time at the piano while differentiating the practice time with more discipline.
3. Integral Learning- Focus on the inspirational quadrant by listening to performances from the Core Studio video blog, and disc for books 2 and 3.
4. Ability Development-Do repetitions on the assigned spots and ask for moving fingers.
5. Core Focus-The most important point to come back to at this time is “ready”.
6. Positive Affirmation-Everyone is making progress. Progress is not necessarily in a “straight line”. We are learning balance and depth at the same time we are moving forward.
7. Meta-learning (Learning about learning) Help your child discover how doing repetitions makes playing the more difficult parts become easy.

These are the seven principles of core education.
all the best,
Leah Brammer