It’s interesting that in the New Year most people decide to really do what they meant to do before.  So, it is not really something “new”, but rather a renewed effort to do what one already “knows” is the best thing to do.

Dr. Suzuki often talks about knowledge and action in his writings.  He says: 

“Knowledge plus 10,000 times equals ability.”

In this way, the action is the resolution:

“The habit of action – this, I think is the most important thing we must acquire. Life’s success or failure actually depends on this one thing. So what should we do? We should get so that it is second nature to put our thoughts into action.”

In Nurtured by Love he states his own resolution from around the end of World War II:
“I shall acquire the habit of doing the things I have in mind to do.”

All the best for the New Year!
Leah Brammer