All of us are working on the process of lessons, such as how to arrive with calmness. When I say all of us, I mean myself, the parents that are new to the studio, and the returning parents as well. So, we are really always working on the most important points. To help your child in this endeavor, please make as much quiet listening space as possible for your child before the lesson.

We’re focusing attention on the ready – the place of non-action – the place of stillness. Students continue to need this time, and practicing the ready every day creates a habit of becoming still before beginning to play the piano. Ultimately after many years of practice, it develops the ability to become still/focused inside as a conscious choice. Please continue.

When the process of learning is rooted in stillness/calmness, children feel nurtured in the doing rather than rushed, or pushed. This can be difficult to achieve in the middle of a busy schedule! It takes a strong intention to make the time and the place for a child to become still and focused.

This focus is the ready and is the potential for a high level of learning. Teaching this kind of focused attention is teaching how to learn.

At the beginning of this school year -Create Ready

*Please play the recording many hours every day. Internalized sound is a key component of “ready” to speak music.