Dear Parents,
Great second class! Here is a review:
Listening: The students are becoming familiar with the songs on the recording. Please keep up the listening and find more places/times to have the recording on. You can make extra copies of the recording from your computer so that you can have a copy in every room as well as the car and can put it on an MP3/Ipod type player as well. It is good to begin casually saying the names of the pieces as you hear them.

Also, please listen to the “Do a deer” link from the last blog entry if you have not already done so. This children will really enjoy this. They can begin to memorize the words to the song. We will continue to sing it every week. We will use this song to learn the names of the notes. Also you can sing the solfege for Twinkle when it comes on the disc. We will begin adding more songs to our solfege singing next week.

The Bow: Please read the Please and Thank-you article listed in the Twinkle Lessons Post if you have not already done so. Please bow at home together with your child in the same way that I bow with them during their individual lesson. This will be at the beginning and at the end of your practice time each day. So this week the children can bow (with you), find the ready position and hold, then bow again (with you) at the end.

Rhythm clapping and finger numbers: We are doing these as part of the class activities.
It is best to keep the actual practice to the bow and ready position for this week. We will add to the assignment gradually.

The Assignment Sheet:
 Please print out the Twinkle Assignment sheets from the Studio link.  Please have the child put a mark, drawing, sticker, or color of some kind on the sheet for each day after the practice. This way they are being empowered by the accomplishment. The mark is a recognition and not a reward. This is an important distinction.

About the Ready Position: Ready is focus and intention. It is the point of integration of body/mind/emotion/spirit. This is the most important point for beginning. The body is still in balance with the hand above the keys without tension. The mind is in a place of no thought (words) which is present moment awareness. The practice of counting in the ready position is a way of centering the mind. This will enable the child to become still/ready.
Later, this is not necessary and the word “ready” will suffice to mean focus/intention-body posture/mind still.

The lesson videos are up on the Twinkle blog site. This last week was focused on helping you know how to adjust the bench and footstool for your child, and the beginning of finding the ready position.
You are all doing a fantastic job of supporting your child’s progress. It takes real dedication to be a Suzuki parent! Your children will thank you for it – I promise.
Leah Brammer