Twinkle Group Parents:

Welcome to Twinkle class, and to this blog. I will be updating you on this blog, and also making the video of the individual lesson part of the class available for you.

I hope all of you have been able to order the materials from the list sent to you by e-mail. The time before the first class is very important for listening to the disc. It’s also nice to begin naming the pieces as you hear them.

The class will consist of 5 parts. We will keep basically the same order and activities for several weeks. We will build ability through this repetition.

First we will become familiar with and memorize each others names.
Next, I will play a couple pieces from the Suzuki repertoire.

In the third part of class, we will be singing the Book 1 pieces using solfege (Do, Re Mi) The children will catch on to this quickly. The parents can write the names of the solfege in the score. The children will sit with their parent and you can use your book 1 score. Please bring your Suzuki Book 1 score to class every week.

The next part of the class is individual lessons at the piano. For the first week we will just be going to the piano and I will be instructing the parents on using the video camera for future lessons.

The last part of the class will be floor activities with the students such as finger numbers and clapping rhythms. Parents will stay seated, but please help with the singing and clapping.
We will end with the group bow.

Please bring a notebook to write down the activities done in the class. This also sends a nonverbal message to the children that the activities are important. I will review the assignment at the end. The first assignment will to practice the bow.

I will give the students a notebook with practice sheets. Please check off on the practice record each day after you have practiced the bow. Please bring the assignment back to the next class.
Then gradually we will add to the assignment as the habit is established.

It is good to have a tote bag to carry materials back and forth to class. So, please bring a tote bag with the Book 1 score, another book to read during lessons, a notebook to take notes on, and I will give you the assignment notebook at the end of class to take home.

The beginning is very important. The main goals are to establish the relationships and the structure, help the students feel comfortable and supported in the environment, and create motivation to play the piano.

Looking forward to a great class!
Leah Brammer

*Please bring your Book 1 score to class as we will be using it.